Macrothink for Micro action
A company name with a sentiment similar to the phrase "Think cosmically act locally," Macrothink is a company designed to promote young artists while simultaneously donating a portion of total proceeds to a carefully chosen organization.  
Who are we?
We are artists of all kinds from all over the world coming together on one platform for your accessibility. This page is a place to gather inspiration and connect, with the added opportunity to purchase work. Not only do we work with visual artists but we encourage musicians, writers, videographers, and dancers to find ways to get involved in this two dimensional platform. We do so by creating features in promotional videos and with our "Open Forum" Blog. This is made possible by the constant rotation of artists in and out of the company, with each collection bringing new surprises
What do we look for in artists?
When choosing artists we are attracted to people who craft out of the box work. Work that will draw in a unique market to our platform. Not only that, but people who are curious and want to learn from their collaborators. Macrothink expects artists to bring their authentic energy to our ever growing community. 
How do we choose organizations to donate to?
We don't take lightly the distribution of our donations. There are multiple factors we look for in an organization before committing a portion of our sales to them. 
  1. An organization with a specific mission statement. One in which you can clearly track where the money donated goes and the impact it has. 
  2. Short-term AND long-term goals. It is crucial when you decide to endorse something that you can trace the value of the work they are doing today and in a decade. This ensures that the organization will create sustainable solutions in the communities they intent to help. Solutions not based on trend, but on calculated planning. 
As a platform made by and for young artists we are constantly learning the best ways to donate.
Contact Us 
Director - Isabella Nazzari 
Philanthropic Relations- Bridgette Schafter

Email us: macrothink.info@gmail.com

instagram: @macrothink.us