BEAM Donations

It's quite extraordinary what actively raising money for something does. When you earn the money you give, it incentivizes an intentional look at the cause you are donating to. As a company, Macrothink has gained a lot of insight from the heaps of information that Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective has made accessible. This organization's commitment to the mental well being of the Black community in every space is a model for the approach to mental health in all institutions. They're most definitely at the forefront of micro change. Starting conversations in the workplace and in concentrated communities. 

In total, Macrothink sold 25 pieces of work which raised a 100 dollars to donate to Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective. Every dollar filled with the work of each artist, packaged and brought to the customer via Macrothink. Thank you everyone who was able to support us in our endeavors as artists, as well as joining the race conversation that needs to be had!